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Word study

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A word study can reveal so much. Something as simple as zoning in on one word will more than likely take you to many different points of reference in the Bible. I've read entire Bible studies centered around one word. A single word may have different meanings for different people or situations. It can bring depth to your walk with God and a deeper understanding of people in the Bible.

Sometimes a word will stick with you from a sermon or perhaps from your Bible reading that sparks an interest, that's a perfect opportunity for a Word Study. When you find the word you want to dig into, grab your Bible, a journal, colored pencils or pens, and you're reading to begin.

The best way to start a Word Study is to look the word up in a dictionary and write the definition. A concordance will assist you in finding where the word is used in the Bible (check out the Bible study links below for assistance here). Take some time to study where it is used in the Word and you may want to write down the passages that stick out to you. You can also research the original language that was used (Greek for New Testament, Hebrew for Old Testament). This type of study could take you in many directions. Enjoy the journey.

To begin, use the following to help you dig into the word you've chosen.

What you want to know:

  • Select the word

  • Define the word

  • List several scriptures where the word is found

  • Make a list of similar words or opposite words

  • Why is the word important?

  • How can I apply this word to my life?

This video shows two examples of a Word Study.

Use your study Bible or online resources to help you research.

Several of these have free apps:

As you research you may find layers of meanings to a single word. It is important to pray and ask God for understanding and insight.

Here is a sample from the GRASP God's Word Bible Study Book. The book is now being offered at a special price of only $10!

Let us stay awake and alert as a watchman to stand guard in prayer against the enemy.

This is an example from the Online Bible Study of Exodus/Corinthians.

Let us not be unequally yoked with those who will pull us down.

This Word Study is taken from the Genesis Online Bible Study.

To everything there is a season. (Ecc 3:1)

A Word Study can be life changing. Open your Bible today and let God transform you in your study time.

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