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Verse Mapping in 3 Simple Steps!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

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I remember when I was first introduced to this type of Bible study. I looked in awe at a page full of valuable insight with little boxes and lines connecting important words and definitions. The page had references to other scriptures along with summarization and personal application. It literally brought the passage to life in a way I'd never seen before.

I immediately began to use this Bible study method in my personal study time. I have learned over the years that Verse Mapping is a way to unpack the Word that brings a deeper understanding. I want to share what I've learned to help you dive in and come to a better understanding of the Bible.

Perhaps you've heard about this type of Bible study before and you're curious. It is probably the best way to ease yourself into Bible study. You aren't tackling an entire book or chapter, but only one verse. It isn't a new way to study, in fact if you do an online or Pinterest search, you will find many examples that will help you and maybe give you insight in how to do it yourself.


1. Prayer, Supplies, and Organization!


It is important to begin your study time in prayer. Ask God for wisdom and understanding of His Word and to guide you in what He wants you to learn from the scripture you are studying.


To begin, you will need to have a few items on hand:

  • your Bible (a study Bible is always helpful)

  • journal or notebook

  • colored pencils or pens

  • Bible commentary ( is free and a valuable resource)


People learn in different ways. Color coding the Bible is a way that helps many people as they study to organize the Word. This is the system I use in my Bible. I use colored pencils because they're erasable in case of mistakes.


2. Find the verse for your first mapping!

Once you've determined which verse you want to focus on, take just a few moments to learn a little about the book where your verse is located. You don't have to do a Book Study, but find out some basic details to help you understand the context.

Record the following:

  • Who wrote the book?

  • When was it written?

  • To whom was it originally written?

  • What was going on at the point in the book where your verse is written?

Now that you have a little insight into the book and author, you are ready to begin. Watch the video to learn more and find a direction you want to go with your study.


This type of study is a way to break scripture into a diagram that will help you make visual connections between words and/or other scriptures.

Write the scripture you have chosen in the center of the page. Be sure to write a direct quote of the text. Do not try to write it from memory. I have found that there are times when I have misquoted a verse or skipped a word or two when I'm writing it from memory. Each word is vital and is there for a reason. The meaning of a verse can be changed when words are added or eliminated.


3. DIG IN!!

After you've written the verse, you can go in numerous directions that fit how you learn best. There may be certain words that stick out to you or perhaps you want to dig into at this point. Circle or highlight the word and pull out a dictionary or your Bible commentary to start learning more. I also use the YouVersion Bible app that provides multiple different translations of scripture. I have a few go-to translations that are my favorite. Sometimes words are easier to understand when you look at them using different versions.

Verse Mapping is unique. We will find many different insights as we study the Word. The most important part of this type of study is everything must be backed up by scripture.

This sample is from the GRASP God's Word Bible Study book. You will be surprised at the insight you will find from just one verse!

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